A downloadable game for Windows

Use ants to make structures to take you to the candy!

Game made for Stay Safe! Jam by:

Doc & milton18 - Art
Rafones2689, gramozilho, Jamination - Programming
Joshua McLean - Music


Antlings1.0.zip 67 MB


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Cool lemmings-like concept, where you sacrifice some of your minions for the group's greater good.

Really beautiful artwork and nice music, but the gameplay suffers from not clearly showing me the colliders for the ants and their low friction - building bridges is most easily done by just running to the edge and pressing the freeze button at the right time, not by carefully positioning oneself, because you would slide off otherwise. I also could not get past the first frog in level 5, but I did complete level 6 (thanks for letting me skip a level). Also, if you try to freeze yourself just when you've been eaten, two ants will spawn.

Overall, it's an enjoyable little game.


Yeah, the ant physics is hard to get right and we tried to make it feel responsive, but I guess there's only so much we can do in 2 days. Thanks for your brilliant review!